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How many people are gonna die in Charming tonight?

So Juice is getting is cut back? What for? He doesn’t deserve anything except mayhem. He must be riding off to do something for the club but as far as I can see there is nothing he can do to fix what he did. Nothing.

So that is where J.T. died. That is like holy ground. There is a spot approaching a bridge by my house where a real famous died and whenever we pass it members either ride around it or salute the spot, something to show respect. Same as these guys. Just a touch. Something to show we didn’t forget.

Gemma is freaking out that the guys have Juice. It’s all unraveling. Wendy is taking it better than Gemma. Wendy is done running, Gemma didn’t start running. She is still living in denial, hoping the truth doesn’t come out. Except that plan rarely works with family. They are always too close to get away with it.
Those cops would have opened fire on Juice if that was Los Angeles. After they riddled him with bullets they would have beaten him to a bloody pulp for good measure. But this is Charming, those cops are nothing except stunned.

Unser knows Jax is a killer. Eglee and Jax went to high school together. Eglee loves Charming and the people in it including the Sons. She wouldn’t rat on Jax even if she is a cop. I think she would have given him a break. Nothing can stand in Jax’s way and Unser sees that. Jax is a killer.
Juice was a sacrifice. He has a mission. That’s why Rat went after to check on him, to make sure he did what he was supposed to do. The question I’m asking is, what is Juice supposed to do?

I knew it was a plan. Juice has been tasked to do something inside. These guys are going to try to set up Marks. I don’t know what task Juice has, but somehow I don’t think he is coming back from it whatever it is.

Keeping the relationships with the Mayans and the Niners is very important. The Sons have made enough enemies. Those relationships took a long time and a lot of bloodshed to build. They are worth trying to keep intact.

Unser knows that Jax is lying. Jax doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he is lying anymore. He just doesn’t care.
Everyone knows what I think. Gemma ought to go with Nero to Norco or anywhere else he wants to go and if she doesn’t want to go he should leave her. It’s over and Nero knows it. There is nothing left in Charming. They have burned this house down.

Gemma shouldn’t throw out Unser. He is one of the last people that still loves her for real.

I thought Jax would have a better plan than trying to blackmail August marks. August already told Jax how he made his bones on the street. He did it by being the most violent. That being said Jax should use his tried and true method of violence and just put a bullet in August Mark’s head. That lady looks pretty strung out. And her son looks just plain nervous, unpredictable, that’s not good. Asking Jax if he believes in God is like asking him if he believes in the Tooth Fairy. Jax doesn’t believe in anything except the club.

So some pimp is in the way of the Sons progress. I think it’s safe to say there is about to be one less pimp in the world.

I told you everyone is afraid of Gemma. Especially anyone with sense, or their eyes open. Happy has both. He knows damn well that Gemma is a killer. Game recognizes game. Rat has already been over powered and felt the wrath of Gemma. Better just let Happy handle it.

Juice in isolation and he is upset? Screaming to be in general population where he very well might end up dead? Juice is up to something. I wonder if even Juice knows what he is up to.

Nero knows all the pimps. Nero knows the street. Nero knows a lot, except when it’s time to get the hell out of dodge.
Those are some loyal hookers jumping on Jax and Chibs like that. That took guts, and no brains.

That pimp is dead. If there wasn’t a reason before to kill him, there’s one now for running over the bike. That hooker Winsome is gorgeous, and kind of quirky which is cool. I think Jax has taken a liking to her. I know all my brothers did. She made a command decision on the spot when she took Jax up on his offer. Off the street, better pay, sounds like a no brainer to her. And I think she likes Jax.

That pimp has had better days. I don’t think that is going to qualify as a suicide in any religious book. He didn’t even make it out the window. At least the Asian hooker is so stoned she won’t even remember any of this let alone identify anyone.

Nero doesn’t think he’s a gangster, not anymore.

Gemma is freaking on Happy’s casualness and Rat’s ‘Mother and Son’ thing. She figures Jax figured it all out and now she is next. The voices in her head must be screaming. The anxiety, unbearable.

I dig Tyler’s faith in the Sons. His motive has to be that when August is gone he will be the King in that part of town. It’s a good plan, if it works. Tyler better be careful though, if he gets too close to the fire he might get burned, bad.
Abel is changing. Children learn what they live., You grow up in a violent house chances are you will become violent. Abel heard those words come out of Gemma’s mouth. I wonder if he understood exactly what she was saying.

Alvarez and the Mayans should jump at the chance of buying in on the hooker business. The Sons already did all the leg work building the business. Al they have to do is take over. A turn key operation.

Gemma is nothing but relieved when she realizes that she is there to help a junkie get clean. That means everyone is still believing her lie.
Wow, Bobby got run off the road. That’s a bold move for anyone to do. And those guys don’t look scared at all. Bobby is all broken up from the crash or else he would be shooting. Looks like his arms are broken, at least one of them.

Wendy is turning out to be a real good mom. You can see how much she loves those kids. Everyone loves a story of redemption. Everyone loves to see someone turn it around and take life back.

Nero showed up at the cabin not knowing what to think. Happy at the door with a gun and no Gemma in sight he thought he was too late. Gemma smiling like a cat knowing she has fooled everyone again.

They didn’t just kill the security guy from Marks because he still has Bobby. Jax knew immediately that Marks was the one who took Bobby. Now that should be Jax’s only motive, getting Bobby back alive. Then getting out of Charming….alive.


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I wonder how many people are going to die tonight.

I’m surprised Gemma didn’t take those heels off for that trek. Cigarettes are the last thing she needs. She needs an alibi for Jax. Or a better getaway plan. I thought for sure Juice would have killed her but obviously as usual Juice can’t get anything done. Not correctly anyway.

It was a pretty somber event walking into Diosa after the massacre. A toast to the ladies, at least they made it right. Too bad they made it right on the wrong people. Revenge always goes down smooth and satisfying. Even on the wrong people. After all, they don’t know they killed the wrong people.

Wendy is for sure still in love with Jax. How could she not be? She screwed it up herself. When you do that, you always want back what you lost, always.

Bobby is ever the peace maker. He is the man with reason in that charter. He always knows what’s right, he doesn’t always do it, but he always knows.

Diosa needs more than new girls and new carpets and Nero knows it. Diosa needs a new location and a new mojo. I don’t think girls will be lining up to work in the shooting gallery.

Juice is absolutely insane. Straight out of control. So now in front of the cameras and everyone else, he is knocking out the shopkeeper for the cash drawer. Juice makes one mistake after the next. He is running from himself and his own mistakes and there is nowhere to run.

Tyler is smooth. He knows which side to stay with. I am surprised he did, but it’s the smart play. The only way he will get to be as powerful as Mr. Pope is to become Mr.Pope. Jax always has a plan. And that plan is always guns and manpower. It’s a good plan. For a while.

Unser lies to Jax, Jax lies to Gemma , Gemma lies to everyone and people die. It’s a domino effect of epic proportion.

Jarry is in way over her head, and she is slowly figuring that out. Life isn’t worth much in Charming. She keeps asking all those questions and she might be the next one in the bodybag.

Gemma is sinking deeper into her psychosis every day. Talking to herself in the diner; she doesn’t care who sees her. There comes a time when you know you did something wrong. You know in your heart there is no escaping what you did. You can only play out the cards. That’s what Gemma is doing.

Chibs and Jarry will never work this out, ever. There will always be a push and pull for information. Neither one will either trust the other one. But I bet it will make for great sex. An outlaw and a cop. Who’d have thunk it?

Everything is unraveling and not just for the Sons. Alvarez has got to do damage control to figure this whole thing out. First things first, lock up Nero. Take out one piece of the equation and see what happens.
There are plenty of MC’s with white and black guys in them. There are also plenty of clubs with just black guys, or just white guys or just women or just Chinese guys. It just matters what club you want to be in. Most MC’s aren’t into racism; they leave that shit for the Klan. Ain’t nothing but a fist fight. Jax and the boys just needed to blow off a little steam. It’s all fun beating down those rednecks.

Gemma connecting with that little waitress is just one of the little clips along life that you have to pay attention to. That little girl is handing out the lessons without evening trying. Gemma just needs to pay attention. That was most likely a younger version of her, before all the bad decisions.

Nero is in the Mayan closet. Not a good place to be. Probably just in there till they can finish digging the hole.

Juice is a complete piece of shit. He could just get on a Greyhound bus and go to Mexico. What is stopping him? Instead he is going to try to sell club secrets for something he could do himself. He is an idiot. Now he is in the closet with Nero. Death Row. At least Juice knows he deserves it.

That other Mayan, Oso, is a badass. He doesn’t take any shit. Jax had to believe him when he said they have Juice. Why would they lie? They wouldn’t. Time to go get their traitor.

Mayan’s want guns, AB wants dope, Lin wants his dope back, August wants power, Niner’s want to stay alive, The Sons just want to ride their bikes and peddle pussy. Can’t we all just get along?

Tully is something else. He is really about money; green, not white. But it is his job to maintain the brand.
When Nero got out of the closet and saw Gemma’s car he freaked. He knew that could not be good at all.
Gemma lies to Unser and Wendy in that diner, Unser lies to Gemma and doesn’t let everything he knows out because no one trusts anyone else in Charming.

When the Sons walked in and Juice saw him my whole house erupted in cheers. Finally the right guy will get what is coming to him. Juice knows it’s over. It said a lot for Jax to tell Alvarez to take his cut. Jax doesn’t even want it anymore. He’s just gonna burn it anyway.

Tully’s arm reaches far, way outside the prison. He needs the connection with the outside to work with the Sons so he can keep his drug pipeline going. Money is power. The Sons did the best thing they could do to gain trust. Kill a whole bunch of black guys so the AB network would trust them. Pretty drastic measures if you ask me. Dulain was just a thorn in a few people’s sides. He had to go. And besides, it was about time for the guys to mow down twenty people.

Eglee will tell Unser it was the Sons there and then what will Unser do?
Dumping those bodies at Pope Industries is a smart idea. If nothing else it will stop production until the investigation is over. By then the money will be gone and doubt will be casted and Pope will be finished. Good plan.

When Nero told Gemma he was held up in a closet with Juice, she got the scare of her life. She doesn’t know who knows the truth about her and has to dance around to navigate her lies. It could win a round on Dancing With The Stars.

Just like Jax told Juice, that was a big move. A big, dumb, stupid move. Finally retribution will be exacted for the lies, for the betrayal. Yes. Juice.
Dead Son Walking.

FAT BOBis loyalty is being tested at every turn.

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How do you recover from a mess like the massacre at Diosa? You sit down, have a smoke and reflect.

Bobby looks like he has had enough. Or at least he knows it is a damn good time to figure something else out. The course of action they are on is not exactly working out.

But what can you do? It’s not like anyone is being forced. This is what you sign up for. To back your brother’s play. It isn’t that Jax has more going on than any other member, even if he does, whoever needs help gets it, now. That’s how it works. Your brothers first, come hell or high water.

Jax should level with Nero. Nero is a friend and he has proven it. By not telling him, he is basically leading him to slaughter. In the game they are playing, to be involved you have to be aware of all the stakes at hand, that’s only fair. Nero looks like he has had enough, or he too knows it is a damn good time to think about a vacation.

Gemma is going to give Juice a ride to where? I think Gemma probably has a plan in mind. Maybe she is going to save the one person that saved her. Gemma says, “Whores will be whores.” Should have said, “Whores will be dead.”

Chibs and Jarry having sex. Now that is something. Maybe the baby will be a criminal attorney on the take. Jarry better get a clue, ain’t no one more dangerous than Jax and the Sons. Not in Charming anyway. The way they kill and get away with it, as much as they want to. Probably not anywhere else.

Automatic weapons, Hookers and little kids don’t mix. Better hope CPS doesn’t show up or they will lose them both. Jax is trying to be a good dad but he keeps letting the drama of his club make him forget about that. Those guys should just pack up and take a road trip. Leave Charming in the rear view. Lose all accounts, go broke, be bikers. They can pick up the chips when they get back. At least there are some chips to pick up.

Lyla crying her eyes out again, you would think she would be totally used to this. There’s been so much death around her since Opie.

Sheriff Jarry is looking for answers from Jax but she just doesn’t get it. Even if he knew something, he ain’t telling her. Jax’s wheels are spinning so fast, he can’t wait to get out of Diosa and start some revenge killing. You can see he might be in that room, but he aint there. He’s a million miles away.

It’s tough raising kids in an outlaw atmosphere. A lot of guys do it. A lot of kids from members grow up to be members, A LOT. That being said it’s still very hard to navigate around the pitfalls of child raising, without hookers, automatic weapons, and kilos of heroin floating around. Abel is at that age that he will question literally everything with, “why?” Kids see through things like they have x-ray vision. Jax is trying his best, but sometimes your best ain’t good enough.

You can’t be half in and half out in this game; Nero knows that so I don’t know why he isn’t all in. He is smart from the street, which is the best smart. I think he just got tired, and he fell in love, which screwed up his judgment. I think if he didn’t have Gemma he would have either high tailed it out of Charming or been a lot more ruthless in his decision making. Either way, Lin is right telling Nero he is in deep. Lin was wrong to threaten his kid though. Once you threaten, even insinuate that you would hurt the family, all bets are off, and you’re on your own.

Barosky is dirty you can see that. That’s why he split so fast. He couldn’t take the heat from the Chinese.

So what about West? He got killed in the warehouse? What about his body? His patch? Where is it? Someone has to be held accountable for West.
Lin is right on the money. He knows Jax is the one setting him, wrecking his massage parlor, killing his guys, stealing his Heroin. Nero is getting played by Jax and Jax is getting played by Gemma. What a mess.

Jax is off in a faraway place in chapel. I don’t know how they got that table in that little room. They know that Barosky is the one who sold them out they just can’t prove it. Lin is going to get more pay back.

Gemma lies with such ease. She is going to go visit her dad in Oregon… Right?
Jax never even suspects his mom at all. In fact no one does, which is amazing. There are always suspicious eyes around. Somebody is always watching.

So Chibs and the hot lady cop have a thing. And the other cops or the guys ain’t asking questions? Sheriff Jarry seems like the kind of girl that gets in too deep too quickly and can’t help it. Drawn to the outlaw type, she probably wishes she ended up a dancer instead of a cop. Bad upbringing, no training I guess. Chibs is a little taken back by the goodbye kiss. Chibs is a badass outlaw. He isn’t going to fall in love. Chibs will keep the relationship in perspective.
Juice shouldn’t even walk outside. Charming is a small town, he doesn’t exactly blend in too well. Looks like the Chinese found him pretty quickly. I don’t know if he didn’t leave Charming with his life when he could have.

Nero done had enough. He bashed Jax square in the face. I do not know why those guys didn’t jump right on him. You mess with one of us, you messed with all of us, don’t matter who you are, how long we know you, nothing. You mess with the bean you get the whole burrito.

Nero has no choice but to believe Jax. What else is he going to do? He can’t team up with Lin. He’s in love with Gemma. He’s not going anywhere. And if he doesn’t team up with Lin, he is a dead man, and his kid too. It’s a bad spot to be in. Jax is just a good a liar as Gemma, he fell for the Chinese story hook, line and sinker. Now he’s feeding to everyone like it’s gospel, and they are eating it up.

Barosky is as dirty as they come. A cop way on the take, taking everything he can get. But now he is getting caught up in it, and he knows it. That’s why he blew the head off of the Pawn shop guy so quickly. Sooner than later he would have given up Barosky. You know it was Barosky who made that call letting him know to split. You can’t trust a dirty cop, who can you trust these days?
Ratboy is really turning into a good member. I like how he told the chief, “Someone gunned down all our whores.” Like it was just another day at the office.

Nero confronting Gemma about the truth with the Chinese, he would believe anything Gemma said. Love is like that. He wants to believe in the good of Gemma.

Juice is an absolute idiot. He killed that guy without a thought. I can understand thinking the guy was there to get you, but he could have tied him up. Now he has more mess to clean up in a pile of a mess he is living in. Bad move.
So these guys have a real plan for Lin and Nero is involved. Happy doesn’t trust anyone unless they are wearing a patch. So he is a little skeptical if Nero will come through. I would be also.

One thing for certain, they have no choice but to trust Nero. The avenues of safety are getting few and far between.

Nero played Lin pretty well. I knew Nero would not betray Jax since they have history. Not much, but enough to sustain a relationship.

Cleaning up messes is what Gemma does best. Unser is in disbelief that Juice shot the Chinese. And when he figured out he was the manager of the hotel, didn’t Juice feel like a prized horses ass. What about the Chinese manager’s family? Aren’t they going to wonder where he is? Better clean up this mess quick. Unser is more of a criminal than a cop. He has become the cleaner.

So now Unser is as duped as everyone else by Gemma and he is putting Jarry on Lin’s crew with bad information. This has to be the most tangled web anybody ever twisted. The repercussions of this will carry on for years.

Nothing like when a good plan comes together. Talk about power. When Lin realized Jax was in league with those cops that was it for him. I don’t understand why no one in the club is checking Jax’s behavior. Bobby does all the time, but it falls on deaf ears. I am not saying not to back their brother’s play, but sometimes you gotta know when EVERYONE’S gotta split. Like when Lin is saying he didn’t do it, wouldn’t that raise a little doubt? Bodies are falling left and right. Gotta see the writing on the wall.

Abel is gonna be just fine. He picked up that hammer with the intent of protecting his baby brother, just like Daddy. He is going to protect everyone. Like father like son.

It’s good thing that Chibs has with Jarry. If she hadn’t called with the heads up they would have all went to jail including the dirty cops from Barosky. Chibs must have done a good job last night.

So where is Gemma taking Juice? The way she slipped that gun out of her purse, wherever it is, I don’t think Juice is coming back.

Wow, middle of Main Street on bikes, firing machine guns, wiping out everyone. I would say things are very, very real.

You can’t lie to a liar, not without getting caught. Juice has so much time to be inside his own head. He processed Gemma’s lie then explained how he knew she was lying.

How could Gemma trust Juice? She sees him unraveling in front of her eyes. Gemma was doing what Gemma does, which is clean up all the loose ends. Even if one of those loose ends saved her ass.

What is next? I thought Juice would have blown her away. She told him she can’t trust him. Everyone is falling apart and it’s all because one bad decision, then another, then another, until it’s so many bad decisions the only thing you can do is play the cards you are dealt and let the chips fall where they lay.
Doesn’t look like the end is near. Looks like the end is here.


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Five words.
Five words that will quiet the room no matter who is talking. “Previously on Sons of Anarchy.” Yes sir. Those six words send a hush across the room. I should try it the next time we are in a yelling match in church. I doubt it would work, though. Nothing can stop my guys when they are on a roll.

Tully is a little shell shocked. He has been inside just a little too long, that is obvious. His dogs aren’t the only thing he is missing, he’s missing a few cards short of a full deck.

Gemma is in her own world and anyone who steps into it has a real chance of having their life changed, or their teeth knocked in, or their head blown off. That teacher sees it.

Nero has got to keep the ship floating while Jax and the boys blow the hull full of holes. Nero is doing a great job of living in denial, but anyone from the street would see the wreckage and cut ties with the parties involved. Maybe I’m a little paranoid, but I have always thought that was a better way to be. Better to be careful than to be sorry. As far as the help, I don’t think brains are a prerequisite for working at Diosa. That little blonde has all the requirements necessary to have a fulfilling career there. They should get an accountant for the books.
Gemma is sliding further and further into her own psychosis. I think the guilt will finally overtake her and she will give herself up. I know that’s a long shot considering how ruthless she has been. We all have guesses on the outcome in this house. It’s too predictable to think she will just get caught. I don’t think the cops have a clue at all. Makes more sense to me that she just snaps and either gives herself up on purpose or by accident. I don’t know, that’s my guess. My Old Lady is Jax all the way. She says Jax will crack the code and figure it out and wreak havoc. She’s usually right. You know what they say, women are smarter. Maybe not in Gemma’s case though.

Unser’s right, this ain’t gonna end good for Juice. And it shouldn’t. Of everyone involved, Juice really deserves to get what he has coming. He has had every chance in the book to leave, and he still thinks he can win his way back in. He cannot. His cheese is sliding off his cracker also. Talking to himself like Gemma, they both deserve to get what’s coming.
These guys need to dump that heroin and try to separate themselves from the Chinese. They gotta be careful dealing with the AB network. The AB network is way bigger than the Sons are. They should know that. The prison gangs arms reaches far outside the prison.

Teaming up with the Niners is a good idea. August would never see that coming. Who would think the Niners and the Sons would team up? Who would think the Niners would go against August? No one. And where’s that preacher? He ain’t never coming back. Ever.

So it’s another search and rescue mission. That’s what these guys are always doing, trying to save the day. They should just concentrate on staying alive. Who is he calling Andre the Giant and Captain Psycho? Hell, Happy and Quinn get the job done. Once again, here’s the Sons to save the day.

Digging up dead bodies is a dirty job, but sometimes somebody has got to do it. That’s the kind of job Happy and Quinn are good for. Soldier work. It’s going to take a computer genius to get those phones to work.

Diosa looks like it is about to be turning them out again. Colette should know Jax isn’t ready to jump in the sack. She should take Gemma’s advice.

Mommy fetish, wow. That’s not what you want to hear your mom say, ever.
That hooker’s dad made a conscious decision not to rat on the club. Probably a heathy decision on his part. Should the club be worried about Tig? Yes very worried.
They got that phone to work pretty good for something that was buried for a while.

Nero is living in denial with Gemma. He has to know his time is limited. Why is he so surprised when he finds out it was Jax who beat down the hookers dad? He knows this is a gangster family.

What is with that sheriff? Is she a dirty cop or what? She took the money? I guess the carnage doesn’t equal the pay. I don’t why she is making such a big stink, I mean she did get paid off.

They are like tweakers on a mission, without the drug habit. Breaking windows to unlock doors. There has to be a better way.

Wow. Tig took a hit. That will piss everyone off good. Lucky first guess, finding them like that. Then driving the car in the lake. Rat to the rescue. He is turning out to be a valuable asset to the charter. I knew Jax would jump in the water to save the guy’s mom. That’s Jax the All-American Hero. Soon as I heard the guy’s mom was involved, I knew Jax will do whatever it takes because he is for sure a momma’s boy.

Life was way simpler when they had one clean enemy at a time, like the Mayans or the Irish. Yes simpler times made for simpler men.

If Jax found those church folks in an hour then August can also. They have got to listen to the club or they will end up dead for sure. They don’t know most people who get involved with the club end up dead anyway. They haven’t been around long enough to know that.

An APB on Juice statewide all the way up to Northwest is not good. Every cop in town will have his photo, hiding those head tattoos might be tougher than he imagined. Can’t wear a hat ALL the time.

Gemma has to control Juice. She knows he is not in control of himself. She must be freaking out.

Those cops followed Jax and the boys into the wrong place at the wrong time. Into an AB drug deal which turns into an AB/SOA ambush. Cane took one to the head and Eglee got cut down with an assault rifle. Hopefully these guys didn’t leave any DNA on the scene and hopefully the cops didn’t call it in and hopefully……
Yes Sheriff Jarry, Charming ain’t what it sounds like. Charming is a bad place.
Juice doesn’t want to die even though he knows he very well deserves to. He is cracking in front of Gemma’s eyes. She knows she has got to stop it. Juice can no longer be trusted. Gemma will drive him to her father’s place herself.
Jax knows he has to try and stop what has started he has to reach out to Tully and explain what happened with the cops following them to the drug deal.
Tig and Venus. I just keep repeating it’s only a TV show. It’s only a TV show. It’s only a TV show. It’s only a TV show.
The Chinese don’t play around at all. Blowing up the ice cream parlor in broad daylight is serious business.

You would think that blonde at the door of Diosa would find it strange that a bunch of Chines clients walked in with bags and went straight to the bar and had drinks? Not too bright.

West is dead. He didn’t last too long; he probably should have stayed with whatever charter he transferred from. Might have been boring, but better bored than dead.

Nero figured out real quick that it’s all bad at Diosa. No matter how fast they can ride, nothing could be as fast as the bullets from the Chinese guns.

Chibs is driving the cop car with the cop in it? And he didn’t steal it and kidnap her? Unbelievable.
Juice packing a gun with a silencer is a good idea for a ride with Gemma.
Gemma packing a gun with a silencer is a good idea for a ride with Juice.
Wow. That was not what I expected. Those Chinese really don’t give a shit. I don’t think that is what Jax expected either.
This is going to be quite a mess to clean up. Just keep repeating, it’s only a TV show. Good night.

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So here we go again. Standing room only in my house. I think next week I will set up a TV in the basement so I can enjoy the killing in peace and quiet.

Lyla seems to have adjusted nicely to the new position as Porn Director. It’s another avenue for the club to funnel their gun money.

Juice should be grabbing any help Unser is offering with both hands. Juice is a dead man walking and he knows it. He should have left long ago. Unser is going to find the answers he is looking for if he keeps looking. I just don’t think he will like what he finds when he gets there. He is in love with Gemma, remember?

Nero is like the pimp that fell from grace. Pimps don’t fall in love. Love messes everything up for a pimp. Nero is still the only guy in hookerville left with honor. Gemma ought to go with Nero and never come back. I don’t know how Gemma can be so nonchalant. It has to be eating at her that she killed Tara. Gotta be tearing her apart.

The Chinese mobster doesn’t believe a word Jax is saying. Jax can spin a tale as easy as can be, just like his mother. It runs in the family. There was only one body because Jury took him. That’s my guess. Why else would he have broken down?
August Marks is trusting Jax less and less. Jax’s alibi is just too convenient, dead alibi, kilos gone. No one to question, it’s all too neat. Trust is out the window with these two. Jax does not take to being threatened well. Especially the state of mind he is in now.

It’s very smart to enlist Tyler and the One Niners. August will never see that coming. Destroy from within. Half a kilo of Heroin is worth a lot of money on the street. That’s a big down payment from the Sons. Not to mention taking care of their problem. It’s still worth it. Gotta be able to see the big picture, Jax sees the big picture.
The new Sheriff knows Unser’s intel is the club. The new Sheriff seems like she is in over her head, like she is going to end up dead quick, but that’s just my guess.

Rat and Brooke is a good match. Kind of cool how Rat is afraid of Gemma. Everyone is afraid of Gemma. Gemma is a killer.
Barosky ain’t no good that’s a fact. He would sell his mother up the river for the right price.
Chester’s an ex-niner, never saw him before. It is amazing the level of trust Jax receives from everyone. Aren’t these guys even a little suspicious? Everything is so convenient.

How the hell does Chucky drive?

How did the hooker’s dad make his way into hookerville and all the way to the kitchen before he started stirring the pot? Typical dysfunctional family. First she is screaming “No Stop” the “O Daddy”. These are the problems you can expect in a business like that. Call me old fashioned. Abel watching is especially sad though. Children learn what they live.
Gemma can lie to everyone with ease but the calmness of Abel’s questions rocks her to the core. I think he sees right through her lies. Kids are like that.

Straight ambush. Jax and the Sons kill with impunity. They slaughtered Chester and his members without a thought. Jax wasn’t kidding when he said he was all business.

Gemma reading ‘Monsters are my friends’ is nostalgic. I remember that book. Right after the Dick and Jane series.
So that Sheriff Jarry laid it out pretty neatly. She is into a profitable relationship, and a little bit of Chibs. That is pretty interesting, a corrupt cop first day on the job.

Where is Juice going? What is he doing? Does he even know?

Bobby is lying and Jury knows it. He just doesn’t know exactly why yet. Jury knows Jax killed those guys, he just doesn’t know why. He gave the Sons that shotgun which showed up at the dead bodies so he knows for sure they did it.
Tyler and the Sons is a good match. Long as Tyler stays his course. Most people get near the club and they get dead quick. Tyler is cool I hope he lives.

Barosky is playing both ends of the street. Sooner or later you get burned that way. That Mayan is right, Nero is in it just as deep as everyone else.

If Chibs could have reached over that counter and got away with it he would have. You know Unser put all those cops in that diner. Juice is delusional. There is nothing he can do to win his way back. He broke every cardinal sin there is he lied cheated killed a member ratted. He is done. He should take Chib’s advice.
Pretty cool, that they have a cop in their pocket for real. One with no feelings and sentiment through history like Unser. She is just straight on the take.

Gemma is slowly snapping. She is talking to Tara I think, sometimes maybe to JT, hard to tell, either way it is eating at her and I don’t think even Gemma will be able to hold that façade forever. Or maybe I just want her to get caught, hard to tell.

Unser gives it all up. Is he grasping for straws or is this crack police work?
These guys have that cop in their pocket for real. Two grand to get her off the trail. Monet well spent.
Jax should listen to Bobby. Bobby is like his anchor.

Gemma is not talking to that crow, not in her mind. Wendy has become the sanest one in the bunch. Amazing, she ahs come full circle..

The last thing Gemma needs is Juice to get caught. She knows he wont hold up under pressure. An APB would not be good.
Another half Kilo for Tyler, probably like a quarter million on the street. That’s a pretty good come up.

I am surprised August isn’t seeing what is right in front of him, an alliance with the One Niners and the Sons.

Wow, these guys just pull up and mow them down. Nero in it just as deep as any other gang member. Old habits never die.
Sheriff Jarry wasn’t expecting money she thought it would be intel. And by the way she is dressed she was expecting something else, like a little Scottish company. Wow, top Sheriff bought and paid for. That should make things interesting. They were already acting like there was no law in town anyway.

Juice should wake up and split. Just be gone when they come back. He might live to see another day.
It is scary how easy Gemma pulls the wool over Jax’s eyes.

So that was set up to frame August with Henry Lin. Just to stir things up, give everybody something else to worry about.
The level of trust is amazing. This irate father who got beat up today would invite the lady in who incited the riot? Hard to believe, but in Charming anything is possible. Like the mother and son reunion, at your doorstep, ready to bash your head in.

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That was deep watching Jax wake up, feeling the serious loss of his wife. Smoking a cigarette staring at the spot he found Tara. Reliving the horror. Keeping the wound fresh. That way he can be in the correct frame of mind to complete the job at task. Revenge is a dish best served……..anyway it gets to where it needs to be. Sometimes you just can’t relax until all accounts are settled.
Juice is screwed. He knows it.

Nero and Gemma trying to raise Abel. Domestic gangster bliss. Enter Wendy and its like Family Affair. Choices for Abel’s future are falling in who’s hands? Wendy’s? Gemma’s? Jax seems a little too busy securing his revenge. Kids are everything for us they come first. Somebody better start paying attention. Wendy is right about school. Get him in it.

Hey there’s a new sheriff in town. Wonder what her story is?

Tig is absolutely one sick member. If I was Ratboy I would have punched him in the face. Ratboy is showing he is way smarter than he seemed when he was prospecting. That happens a lot. Guys will do whatever to get in the club. It’s what they do when they get inside that defines them as a member. They might sit there and not say much or they might come alive like Rat did.
Unser is gonna find the truth if he keeps looking. He’s got that cop instinct going. He can’t help it. And Juice is unraveling like a ball of string a kitten is playing with. It’s only a matter of time. Unser knew Juice wasn’t going to shoot him. Juice’s got no heart. And Unser offering to help Juice? That is like a gift from god for him. He needs all the help he can get. He should grab that life line with both hands.

Jax has no trust left. His heart is filled with hate. He is blinded by his rage and he is working on emotion which is no way to work for a man. Emotion clouds vision. Jax is a calculating killer. He should listen to August. Time clears all accounts. Just gota be patient which is virtually impossible sometimes. Sometimes nothing matters anymore except revenge, nothing, not even yourself. That’s where Jax is. He doesn’t want to live no more. August is smart, but Jackson Teller is smarter.

Happy doing what he does best, disposing of a body. Gotta love that guy.

That new Sheriff should listen good to Unser. Jax ain’t no joke. Smart as he is dangerous. I can’t figure out the Sheriff yet though.
Out of the mouths of children comes searing truth. Abel had Gemma in tears in two sentences. The guilt Gemma must be carrying is more than any person can handle. And that gets compounded daily. Abel gets to stay home from school today. Grandma needs a break.
Jax explaining his plan to exact real revenge on Lin to Jury let me know exactly how far gone he is. To break down his organization plan piece by piece, and then take over his business, kill his family in front of him, basically wipe him and his world out. Jury is seeing a new Jax. And he is along for the ride. That’s what being a member is about. If your brother calls, you come running. No questions asked. Worldwide, seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.

Tig and Rat need to have a good old fashioned punch out. Tig jamming that phone in rats face? If that was me I would have jammed that phone down Tig’s throat.

Nero is always giving out the life lessons for free. He’s got real wisdom. Problem is no one is listening. He is the only person with any morals left and as he is trying to get out, he is slowly getting pulled back closer and closer. He is so in love with Gemma, I wonder how he is going to react when he finds out she killed Tara. That will be interesting.

These guys take care of business. Too bad they are always killing the wrong people. They just drive up and mow them down. I wonder how many people have been killed on the Sons. Gotta be over a hundred.

Great chase scene. Reminds me of the A team, the way Chibs was holding on for dear life screaming for Jax to keep on with the chase. These guys aren’t bikers. They are superheroes. They are in their own minds. Superheroes with an appetite for murder.

Four kilos of Heroin in that cast Jax took off that Chinese guy. Probably has a street value of two million dollars after distribution. That’s a big score. And I am sure that is the last thing on Jax’s mind. It’s all part of a bigger picture for him.

Barosky is a trip. Dirty cop with a donut shop. The Mayan guy Oscar he is not the best politician. Nero is there just to keep the piece which is hard with Oscars attitude. But Nero has a point when he tells Barosky he is just as dirty as they are In fact he is dirtier because he is a cop. When cops go bad its all bad. They have the law on their side. Outlaws have better morals.

Gemma’s face went cold when Unser told her he had been Juice’s captive all night. She has got so much to worry about keeping all her lies straight and with who; it must make her head spin. And Unser knows Gemma for a long time so he can tell something is wrong. Can’t fool a friend who really knows you. Gemma helping Juice is not only going against Jax she is going against the club. Not that it matters at this point. I am just amazed she thinks she can get away with it. I am sure she is thinking there is only one person who knows the truth. She could kill Juice and no one would know anything. She could get away with murder. What’s another body? Especially when it’s going to save your own neck?

Lin ain’t no joke. He means it when he tells Jax and Nero he will turn Charming into a killing field. Of all of them, Lin is the most organized. Don’t want to mess with the triads. There are millions of them. Millions I tell ya.
So now Gemma thinks Unser is a cop and going behind her back. That ain’t good for Unser. Gemma kills like the plague, especially when she feels like she has been double crossed. Weird how Gemma keeps confessing to juice. How she told him she ID’d the Chinese guy for Jax to kill. Juice is on a need to know basis and he don’t need to know anymore.

It sucks that Jax and the guys killed those two kids who had just helped them. They are just home smoking a bong, relaxing on a Friday night after a good car chase and a couple of murders. No reason to get killed in your own home. Unless you are being used a set up. FRAMED. Those kids did not deserve to die like that.

So Jury knew the kid who got killed. Why else would he be crying like that? He must have been somebody. That won’t go over good with Indian Hills. Probably gonna get worse before it gets better.


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This house has been packed since right after work. Everyone started setting up their chairs and coolers like it’s a tailgate party.

“Never My Love.” What a great way to start, straight out of my era. And a terrific version also. The music is always top shelf on this show. Pretty ironic to hear such a beautiful song while watching Jax beat another inmate to death. Looks like he has the Niners for lookouts.

The house looks normal, everybody’s busy. Abel doesn’t look too happy though. I am sure he has realized by now his mommy is not coming back. Montez is armed and hanging out; gotta be protection. Rat must be Gemma’s personal body guard.
Well that’s not something you see every day. It doesn’t matter what race a club is, or where they are from, they would not ride together. Clubs just ride different. Members get comfortable riding with the same guys year after year. I mean, no one could ride with us. We ride like no one else. Like a swarm of bees at top speed weaving in and out of the traffic like a five alarm fire truck. I’m not saying we don’t ride with other clubs. Sometimes we do, but when we do, we stay in our own packs. And we ALWAYS ride in front.

Juice better be doing push ups. He needs to stay in shape because he might have to run at any minute. He definitely looks freaked out, as he should. He crossed the one group of people he swore an oath of loyalty to. Not much life left after such a betrayal, whether he gets away with it from the club or not.
Looks like Wendy is packing up. She must be planning on checking out. We all knew she wouldn’t stay in there long when she checked in.

So Mayans and Nero are setting up shop. This will be tough for Nero. He has a compromised allegiance. He is in love with Gemma, which will overpower other feelings when it gets down to brass tacks. He should stick with his original plan on getting the hell out of Charming while he is still alive.

So Lyla is setting up another porn palace. At least it will give the guys somewhere to go when they are not killing people.
Jax pulled those teeth out with ease. Guy probably didn’t have a dental plan inside the pen.

Unser picking up Wendy from rehab is fitting. He is always trying to save someone. Wendy thinks she will just be able to walk right back into Abel’s life. I don’t think Jax will let that happen.

Gemma sitting with Patterson has got to be nerve racking for her. Patterson and Gemma both are fishing for answers, with none coming. Patterson has the edge because she can see Jax first.

Jax has to make a deal with the Aryan Brotherhood for protection inside. I don’t know if that is about protection or business. I guess the teeth show some sort of loyalty to Tully. Seems like the Swastika would have been enough, that and the witnesses.

Wendy should take Unser’s advice and clear it with Jax before she walks back into the boy’s life. It would be disrespectful any other way.

Patterson could talk till she is blue in the face and give up any personal information she wants, Jax won’t talk. Jax knows the code, he is focused on the task at hand, and nothing will deter him from his course.

So Juice is hiding at Wendy’s because Gemma put him there? That should seem odd to Wendy. Wendy won’t let Juice stay no matter what. She knows better. She’s been down this road more than once.

Gemma is the world heavyweight champion of liars. The fact that she can sit with Jax and talk about Tara’s funeral like it is nothing just goes to show she is beyond pathological. It’s her own reality that everyone else is living in, and she is orchestrating it.

Chibs knows how to run an interrogation. Get right to the meat of the problem. Soon as he heard that Jax was out he hurried it along the best way he knew how. He dragged the information out of the guy. They are pretty lucky though, soon as those guns were drawn there was at least a 50/50 chance everyone would end up dead.

As soon as Gemma saw Wendy getting out of the car she freaked. Gemma has to cover all bases all the time now. This will become her full time job. That and keeping her sanity which I believe will eat away at her. Gemma skillfully led Jax right to Wendy helping out and at the same time Wendy looked a little surprise. However, she knew enough to take that lead. Now Wendy has an in to the boys. Let’s see how long she can keep it.

Nero still seems like the smartest guy in the room. Maybe he could be a politician. He can definitely bridge the gap between the clubs and the gangs. Trust is not an abundant commodity in Charming.
Jax must be asking those new members if they will kill for the man next them because he knows Chibs, Bobby, Tig and Happy are straight up killers. Jax is going to exact his revenge until it is complete, that is obvious. I don’t think he would let anyone; even his brothers get in the way of his revenge.

Gemma is in complete denial about what happened. That’s how she can tell Juice she is the glue holding this family together. The rational that she uses to explain to Juice how she can talk to Jax only proves how insane she really is. Bonkers.

Doesn’t seem like Jax trusts Nero so much any more. Or maybe he just has his guard up more than usual. Either way you can tell Jax doesn’t trust Nero. That’s why he told him to stay at Collete’s while he handles Diosa. He has to separate himself from all feelings so he can finish the task at hand.

Unser should take the job Patterson offered him. He isn’t doing much except waiting to die anyway. This way he could remain vital and if he still wants to play both sides he would have his hand in it already.
Jax is inviting the Niners and Lin’s crew to the party because he has an ulterior motive. That’s why he wants Gemma there. Jax is gonna clean house. You can bet Lin is a little nervous about going anywhere Jax invites him. He has also lost a few family members.

If that Impala had just run down some members I don’t think they would have left it out like nothing happened. As always, Happy is eager to get to the bottom of the case. That’s why he ran across the parking lot. Happy loves action.
And action they got. Shooting up the Christian love triangle is not what I think they had in mind. Neither did those preachers when they were ripping each other’s clothes in a religions frenzy of sex lies and guilt. Imagine the fun they were having before our guys barged in and decided to end it. And what was that girl doing with a loaded gun in bed. She must have been a gangster.

So Gemma found her mark at the party. She had to make sure that Chinese guy didn’t have any children or a wife. The web Gemma is spinning is compounding like the Richter scale. Every move she makes, more people die.
Gemma is leading Jax like a puppet on a string. Jax will task T.O. to grab the Chinese guy and there are even more accomplices. After the fact, accomplices covering up her murder of her daughter- in-law, deep.
Curiosity killed the cat, or in this case the cop. Unser should have let it go when he saw how clean Wendy’s place was and he knew she didn’t do it. But his cop mind would not let it go. Now Juice has the drop on him. Juice is so freaked, what’s another murder. Not much if it is going to save your skin.

That last scene left the house silent. It was chilling. Happy is totally into it, front row seating. Chibs was going to smoke that cigarette but it had just a little too much blood on it for him. So now that Jax has killed who he thinks killed Tara, will he rest? I kind of doubt it. But you never know how the wind can blow.

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It’s a day away and it’s all I hear or see anywhere. The Sons are on buses, billboards and all over town. And did you see the promo? It looks like another sick and twisted ride.
There are definite opinions in this house on how this could end, being the final season. I for one can not understand how they can end the best show on earth, but as they say, all good things must come to and end…or to pass….or something like that. Either way, I am looking at it that this will be the end; mostly because I have a habit of believing what people tell me to a certain extent. Something like this….sure, I believe them, it’s the final season.

It’s easy to figure out how I feel after seven years when I look at it as it is the final season from the beginning. If this was going to keep going I think I would feel different. Since I know this will come to an end this season, I find myself figuring out the story of each of the players involved. After seven years, we all have an opinion one way or another.
Ain’t no more Team Jax, Team Tara, Team Gemma. After last season, it’s more like team every man for himself. We have spun this every way we can around here and all we can come up with is Gemma and Juice have to die. There is no two ways about it. No one deserves to die more than those two. I don’t know how they will pull it off and not have anyone figure out what they did. I don’t believe in that. I think that sooner or later, one way or another, everyone gets what they have coming to them….everyone. No matter what.

I am sure Wendy will try to make her way back into the family now that Tara is dead. It will be interesting to see how long she can stay clean and out of rehab. She already learned that she has to be careful around Jax.

I think when Jax learns what happened, and I believe he will; it will send him on a tail spin he might not come out of. How do you process your mother killing the love of your life? It is impossible to comprehend. It’s like your anchor came loose in shark infested waters. What do you do? Drift….at least for awhile.

Nero probably has a good view of how long life lasts around the Sons. Not too long. He seems like he has the most sense and the most heart of anyone else there. I would hate to see him bite the bullet before he figures out to get the hell away.
I have wanted to see Juice die a slow and painful death ever since he shot Miles. Miles was a good guy. He didn’t deserve to die that way. Juice killed innocent people and an innocent member. He acted like a coward more than once. He became a snitch to save his own ass. Juice needs to die, like a lot.

It’s hard to scream for Gemma’s head only because we are team Jax. Jax is way cool. He has tried his best to do what he thinks is best. Even if some of his decisions were not the best ones, he always had the club’s best interest at heart. That is important. A man might not be the best fighter or the smartest guy in the room but it takes all kinds to make a charter. One thing for sure is his heart has to be in the right place. Jax’s heart is in the right place.
If we are talking about revenge being exacted on a karmic level, then Bobby would get it for banging Otto’s wife. Tig for a few things; especially for kissing Gemma when she was with Clay as well as lying to Jax’s face about killing the pornographer and throwing him in the bay. Even Chibs lied by letting Jax know that Juice tried to hang himself. That’s called lying by omission. Other than that, Chibs is squeaky clean and one great club member. In reality only Happy, Ratboy and Quinn and the new guys are completely innocent of any crime against the club.

One thing for sure, if past seasons are a gauge, it’s going to be one bloody season. It’s great to have them back. It’s going to be over before we know it. Bring on the carnage.


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The Final Ride. In my world those words mean a lot. To a lot of guys who have lived their lives based on and about motorcycle riding, the words ‘Final Ride’ mean a great deal.

The Sons are about a month out and it’s a real topic of conversation around this house. It’s amazing how people look at the show after these past seven years, members and civilians alike. Jax, Gemma, Chibs, Bobby, Juice, Tig, Happy, Tara, Wendy, Unser. These people have come into our homes for seven years and we have gotten into their lives, in a big way.

I have brothers that have trouble separating the fact that it’s just a TV show. I know there are hundreds of thousands of civilians world wide, in 23 countries in fact, that have trouble separating the fact that it’s just a TV show. Maybe that’s cause it’s the best TV show that has ever been on the air. Ever.

It’s seven years, later, 28 seasons of the year have passed, that’s a piece of time. A lot of water, under many bridges. I’ve seen some Brothers come and go, been to a few funerals and parties, got a new dog, finished some projects started others, basically went through the motions of time.

As you get older each of these motions becomes more and more important, each and every little thing, with who, when and why. I think it’s pretty cool that this TV show has brought so many people together, from all walks of life. In my house also, we all look forward to getting together and seeing what’s next with this group of murdering psychos we have come to know and love.
I am surrounded by a lot of serious men. I think you can consider any man wearing a patch a pretty serious man. Not the guys with the store bought patch, or the one you get for buying a bike. The patch it takes to earn. The patch that is not for sale at any price. The patch that takes a lot of hard miles and a lot of head breaking and hard partying to earn. It took me five years on two continents across an ocean to earn mine, but I can be a knucklehead sometimes. Imagine what it means to own a patch, to be a Patch Holder in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. Unless you’ve been there, you can’t.

The point is these serious men take the show real serious. They know it’s a TV show but it’s about our culture which is a culture all on its own. They don’t like seeing civilians wearing patches they have sewn on that their vests, that they ordered from a catalog and then they think they are a patch holder. They are not patch holders.

The guys I know are motorcycle enthusiasts. They are carpenters and drywall guys, longshoremen, union guys. Just regular guys that think alike, and that love motorcycle riding. They are not super heroes like the Sons of Anarchy. That being said, to us the Sons of Anarchy ARE like super heroes. For us it’s like Saturday morning cartoons only better. We look forward to it more than football season. And everyone has their team to cheer on.

Me, I’m Team Jax. I need to see him discover what Gemma did and handle it. She needs to be held accountable, and held accountable by Jax. Juice also, there is no forgiving him, not on any level. He broke every rule in the book and showed his true colors. There is no coming back from what he did.

Nero has become a lot of the member’s favorite. He has honor, he knows better, he just keeps making the wrong choices. I figure he does that because he has honor in his heart. He made a deal with Jax. Good or bad, that’s his word. And he is actually truly in love with Gemma. Love is the most powerful drug, the most powerful weapon there is, and Gemma uses it well. She uses it in any direction she chooses, and twists it to suit her needs. There is no justification for killing Tara. No matter what Tara did, or what she believed Tara did, that was Jax’s business, and no one else’s.

Bobby, Chibs, Tig and Happy are along for the ride. Like good members would be. You sign on for life. You sign on to go down with the ship. You sign on to fight, and never run, no matter what the odds against you are. You sign up to die for what you believe in if necessary. The truth is, what wouldn’t a good man do for his family? Everything, anything, and whatever it takes. That’s Man Business.

A lot has happened the past seven years. I saw some great Brothers take The Final Ride and pass into the next life. Some crossed over to the other side in the blink of an eye, and some had a long painful checkout. These were serious men. Men with over forty years as members living the life we love, loving the life we life. Being free as any man can ever dream about being. Not having a problem getting on our motorcycles and riding across the country to see a brother, or for a party, or a funeral. Building our thing. A thing that people fell in love with and copied world wide, and they did it with out even trying. The biggest scope of our imagination was backstage passes at the concert, not charters worldwide, different clubs everywhere.

That’s what it’s about, the Brothers. Living by a code, by rules, to have honor, credibility. That when people talk to one of us they know they get the straight dope. That our word is everything.

It’s a mix of excitement and sadness for my Old Lady, I think it’s that way for a lot of people. Excited the show is coming back. Excited to see what’s what, who gets who, but sad that it’s the Final Ride. All good things usually come to an end sooner or later. And everyone always gets exactly what’s coming to them, sooner or later. You can count on that. At least in the real world. The countdown has begun.

I hope you and yours are all well with everything going your way. Life only gets better and better with time, just enjoy the ride.


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Here we go. My house has been packed since 5. Everyone came here straight after work. Go figure.

I always thought Jax was writing those journals for his sons. Who else would he be writing them for? We don’t live the kind of life that you keep notes for. Keeping notes might get you buried or imprisoned.

Wonder where Chibs and Tig are taking Bobby? Bobby looks like he has barely healed from his gunshot wound. Must be important enough to move him. Like maybe a serious vote?
Wendy is packing up to probably go to another rehab. Looking at a pic of young Abel, the kid she left. That kid is grown up now and she has enough problems on her plate. She should think about her own problems.

Clay getting buried with no one in attendance but Unser seems appropriate. That’s what happens when you live a lie and burn, cheat and kill your loved ones and brothers. No one comes to your funeral.

Gemma is crying because this is all very overwhelming. She knows what could happen if Tara rats. She is also living some deeply buried lies. Sooner or later, they will reach the surface.

The memory of Opie is very strong. His influence lives on. That’s what it’s like when real loved ones pass away too early. Their memory only gets stronger.
Nero is back on the street with Fiasco and the gang collecting the protection money.

Tara looks worried in that hotel with the boys. She ought to be, everyone is looking for her. Not almost everyone, EVERYONE.
Everything Jax does is for his Sons, everything, for his SONS.

That’s hard news to hear that Jax is sharing with the club, that your wife who knows more dirt than most members is a potential rat. Hard decisions to make for these guys. Bobby, who is always the voice of reason, is smart enough to say let’s cross these bridges when we get to them.

The next day and no Tara. I think it is safe for Patterson to think she is not showing up. Time to send out a search party. See what other deals she can make before it’s too late.
Juice is far from ok. He is an accident waiting to happen, he is a liability. He has now tried to kill himself twice. Once is enough to get your walking papers. He doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut and that can get other people killed, or sent to prison. Gemma knows there is no place in this life for Juice’s behavior. He better figure it out quick.
Eli liked that remark from Gemma to Patterson, he can appreciate some good sarcasm. Eli is getting more likeable. Patterson is above his pay grade, she dismisses him pretty quickly to speak to Jax alone.

So Tara and Patterson had a “meeting” Jax knows what that means. Patterson is getting through to Jax with the betrayal speech. Jax is constantly trying to figure out who he is and what he is, and keep them defined and separate. Jax needs to do exactly what Patterson says, own his place in this world. He needs to find it.

The guys know they need to find Tara first. They have to convince her this is her only family. They gotta go down the trail, starting with the hospital administrator, gotta follow her, do the leg work and track her down, before she makes a bad mistake for everyone.

Alvarez has to grab whatever he can. He doesn’t want August Marks and the Niners to control the guns. Reaching out to Jax is a last ditch effort. Jax is doing good business, not looking at race or member or non-member, just at money. But not everyone can do that. Why wouldn’t Jax hand the business off to the Niners first? The Mayan’s used to be real enemies of the Sons. The One Niners always had a good relationship with the club.
Alvarez wants Nero at the meeting with the Chinese. The Mayans are setting up in Stockton. Both of those things are a conflict of interest to Jax and the club. That ain’t cool. That’s Son’s turf. Yes, there are problems in Taco nation.

Tara is calling the lawyer and setting up the deal? Is she really going through with it? She would have done better just to run and see how far she could get. Abel asking her, “Is that Daddy?” Kids can see right through the lies like x-ray vision. Abel knows what’s up.
Bobby and Juice are on the Tara detail. Why is Bobby not in bed healing?

Big meeting in the junkyard with the Mayans and the Niners. August Marks would never be caught at one of these meetings. He can never be involved with what happens on the street. He is well insulated.

Nero let Jax know that he knows he had Juice kill Darvany, and that he lied to him about it. Nero believes in karma, Jax lying to Nero’s face and killing Darvany didn’t sit well with him. Nothing gets buried, that shit will come back and slap them good. Just like it’s slapping Juice now.

The Sons used to be good guys, kind of a Robin Hood image. That’s over, when Jax told Juice to kill Darvany and Juice did it with no problem I looked at my old lady and said, “They crossed over to the dark side.”

Jax is making it easier for Nero to find different alliances. One lie is enough in this world. Even the smallest possible lie and you will be gone by the next meeting. I am certain it’s that way with the street gang’s also. When Nero said don’t lie to me twice, Jax knew.

Alvarez is a patch holder, so he is not going to let Tyler from the Niners talk to him that way. A patch holder looks at civilians differently, they looks at them like civilians. They did not go through what they went through to be who he is. Patch holders are Human Beings that play rougher, and are more serious than other human beings, about everything.

Nero did not like hearing that Jax gunned down the Chinese. He sees himself getting closer and closer to catastrophe by being near the Sons. Everyone is dying all around him and he is being lied to his face. Watching Jax transform into a cold blooded mass murderer. Gotta be making a sane man think.

Wow, didn’t see that coming. Alvarez gunning down those Niners wasn’t about the money, or taking those guns, it was about power and who holds it. Alvarez is never going to let the Niners, or anyone else dictate to him, Alvarez is a shot caller. If Oakland wasn’t busted up before, this will break it wide open.

Barosky seems like he is just trying to fade away gracefully. He sees everyone getting killed near the Sons. Better just keep Collette and his donut shop.
Alvarez is making that power play with Nero, trying to convince him to fade away and go for that ranch he always wanted. That ranch sells itself. Alvarez ain’t lying when he says it’s gonna get bloody for awhile. A happy ending doesn’t happen every all the time for guys like us, better grab it while you can.

Just the fact that Nero is meeting with Alvarez shows that race overpowers all other barriers, patch or gang colors, doesn’t matter in the end. Nero has history with Alvarez, and they don’t lie to each other.

Tara talking to the attorney in the park while Abel plays on the jungle gym and she has no idea Juice and Bobby are watching. If she goes through with this, making the deal and giving the bullet then the club is over under RICO. Bobby is done as well as anyone else in that jailbreak. Tara can bury everyone and go into witness protection. It didn’t look like Tara signed the papers before the attorney. She is pushing this to the last second. Big decision, hang your loved one out to dry, burn your entire family and go out into the unknown alone carrying that guilt. Should be no decision.

Everyone is looking for Tara, but it won’t be long now, not since Bobby and Juice spotted her. They won’t let her out of their sight. Gemma has no problem seeing Tara killed. Unser doesn’t even want to entertain these thoughts. He is great at just hearing what he wants to and moving forward.

Gemma is helping Wendy because she has a plan for her. Seems like she is trying to set up a replacement for Jax. Can’t ever trust a junkie. Can’t imagine Jax going back to Wendy. He can’t stand the sight of her. Gemma is driving that train alone.
Tara almost died of a heart attack when Jax and the guys walked up on her. She knew the jig is up. Bobby and Happy took Abel to the jungle gym and Juice takes Thomas and Tara is as alone as she set herself up to be. She has straight fear in her eyes when she asks Jax if she can say goodbye before he kills her. “There is no other way.” She says “I’ll die if I have to.” She says, Tara made up her mind long ago, that this can easily end with her corpse, she was ok with that.
One thing that over powers EVERYTHING…….LOVE.

Jax is in LOVE.

Nero is having a problem coming to grips with the liars and murderers all around him. He knows he has to separate himself from all of this if he wants to live. Nero gives Gemma a way out, she can go with him, get out of there. Just one problem, Gemma has been working toward a different goal, trying to keep this club and family together. Gemma ain’t going anywhere, but Nero’s gotta get out. It’s the smart move, to get far away.

Jax is doing exactly what Patterson suggested, owning his place in the world. Jax is doing the man move, taking the fall. Not letting his wife or his club or his partner Nero take the heat for this. He knew what he signed up for, Jax is doing the right thing, taking real responsibility for his actions himself. This is the way Jax will insure the safety of his sons.

Good meeting. Jax going inside is hard on Chibs, but he gets it. Bobby as President is a good choice. I like how Bobby asked Chibs his opinion before he took the tag, shows a lot of respect. No reason to worry Jax about the Niners getting shot down. He will find out soon enough and he has more than enough on his plate. Besides, Bobby is the President now, it’s his problem.

Anything Tara wants she gets. She now, once again has a bunch of brothers and uncles for her kids.

I’m glad Jax broke it down for them that Juice can’t be trusted. That is way past due, not only can he not be trusted, he is a liar a snitch and a liability. Juice’s gotta go.
Like Sonny told Clemenza,”Make that first on your list.”

Unser gave false information to Gemma because he thought he had it straight. Gemma is almost gone, watching everything she has worked so hard for slip away. She is not going to let that happen. It was obvious to everyone except Unser she was going to steal his truck and slip out.

Juice got the kiss of death. Jax let Juice know that Nero let him know he gave up the intel on Darvany. Juice knows his time is really limited, the clock is ticking, and the alarm is ringing.

Unser’s truck is there but he isn’t. Tara is on cloud nine, she made it happen. Kids are safe, Jax’s still in love, everything is good, well almost everything. Gemma ain’t having it. She thinks Tara is a rat and going to sink the whole ship.

Wow. Speechless. That was the bloodiest murder I have ever seen. Gemma drowned Tara in the sink then stabbing her in the head over and over made the old ladies leave the room. The house is dead quiet. Didn’t see that coming at all.

Eli really screwed Gemma up when he told her Tara and Jax had made a deal they liked, it was all good. That news made Gemma slip over the deep end. She really screwed up. She killed the person her son was trying to save.

SHIT! Juice shot Eli. Juice is a real mess. This is Gemma’s only chance to get away with this. Juicer is another person, he aint Juice anymore. I thought he was going to turn the gun on himself but no such luck. Better just get Gemma out.
Jax saying goodbye to his brothers and everyone is crying. With the possibility of doing twenty five years I think anyone would be crying saying goodbye to his brothers. You never know what can happen inside. Yeah, you might get out in ten. Then again you might never get out.

So Gemma made it back to TM. I guess Juice got her out of there.

Nero in business with Alvarez is not only a conflict of interest but it creates a conflict in Nero’s heart. That’s not who he is trying to be.
Juice could have disposed of the evidence and murder weapon a little better. Who is that homeless woman? She looks like the same homeless woman we have been seeing since the beginning.

Jax is broken. After all that work, all that maneuvering, to see Tara dead on the floor, bloody and lifeless, that broke him.
Patterson walking in to see the carnage, Tara and Eli dead, Jax crying, guns all over, she doesn’t know where to begin, or who did what.
Where do they go from here?

Thank You for listening to me rant this season. I love all your comments and that we all love the best show that there has ever been.


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